"We asked ourselves why do we want to make films. Why a production house and not a beer bar where several stories come from and go home to? Or a coffee shop where new, vibrant ideas walk in every hour? Or a salon for that matter, where many dates are photoshopped better than some post production studio? Well, the answer is we love what we do. We are addicted to our work"

Chillum Phillum Productions specialises in commercials and branded content, film production, video production, web content & videos, Event Production and various other forms of media content. Our goal is to create the most innovative content using the most up-to-date technology and creative skills available today.

Our strengths and experience span through scouting Indian & International models, location scouting, Set designing & fabrication, sourcing props, production logistics, with our own panel of highly experienced professionals, Directors, Photographers, make-up artists and stylists.